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Company Profile

Company Profile

ROTOMAX CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING LTD. is a leading global brands machinery provider of advanced heavy machinery solutions, including best-in-class construction, road machinery equipment, commercial vehicle, materials handling, spare parts and integrated services. We have been developing the business in construction field are proud of supplying our clients from the world wide brands with our cutting-edge-products. Our products include not only standard but also customized, it is highly performing in lead times. Our supplier products have been highly valued by the customer’s satisfaction but also its good operating performance compatible to the standard.

ROTOMAX is one of the world's leading suppliers of quality, high-performance machinery and support, services to the INDUSTRIES, PROJECT, BRIDGE, and Construction works.

ROTOMAX guarantees the any type of machinery and spare parts, we provide all machines with our well-known brand name leave from assembly lines in Italy, Switzerland, Japan , Germany, UK, USA, India and China etc. every day customer demand basis.

ROTOMAX has a tradition of almost 5 years with an installed and services base of over heavier machines in operation. Our global presence skilled engineer all over Bangladesh ensures a fast and reliable service.

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